Alex Davies

Alex Davies (BA Culinary Arts) is the Chef/Owner Operator of the highly acclaimed Gatherings Restaurant in Central Christchurch. He has worked in hospitality for nearly 20 years and launched his independent career in the post earthquake days in Christchurch, following stints working under the tutelage of renowned New Zealand and British chefs. His approach to food centres on sustainability, with a focus on sourcing local, and seasonality driving the ever evolving cuisine. This extends to his approach to wine with his collection of natural and organic wines valued by wine makers and diners alike.

He has written several articles for local media outlets and is currently working on a semi-autobiographical account of his journey in the world of cuisine from the frustration of the European emphasis of New Zealand kitchens in his early days in hospitality, to working on an organic farm in North Canterbury in order to understand the fundamental nature of dining in the 21st Century.

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