The Body Issue

1 September 2018 | WORD Christchurch Festival

An unashamedly feminist event of readings, ruminations and discussions about human bodies, particularly women’s and gender non-conforming bodies, which over the centuries have been celebrated and reviled, legislated and liberated. We could look at everything from sex, addiction and reproduction to #metoo, #suffrage125, and technology, from feeding our faces to letting our freak flags fly. Featuring fiction, poetry and essay with Annaleese Jochems, Tayi Tibble, Kirsten McDougall, Sonya Renee Taylor, Juno Dawson, Helen Heath, Daisy Speaks and Ray Shipley, all held together by Charlotte Graham-McLay.

#suffrage125 #WhakatuWahine #SuffrageDay

Supported by the New Zealand Book Council and the Ministry for Women's Suffrage 125 Community Fund.

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