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Clementine Ford How We Love

Clementine Ford is among the most fearless and combative voices in contemporary feminism, attracting love from fans and vicious attacks from critics. Between best-selling books Fight Like a Girl and Boys Will Be Boys, and her provocative social media persona, she’s been a lightning rod for the charged global debate over what feminism is, and should be. It’s taken a toll.

Now she turns inwards, from manifesto to memoir, using the joy and heartache of her own life to reflect on love itself. From the traumatic death of her mother, to becoming a mother herself, How We Love reveals Clementine’s tender, vulnerable and lyrical side. She joins Naomi van den Broek live on stage for a candid journey through the loves of her own life: platonic, romantic, familial and, perhaps hardest of all, self-love.

With support from the Auckland Writers Festival.

Thursday, 1 September
The Piano, 156 Armagh St 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm $29 / $25 *SERVICE FEES APPLY
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