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Renowned writer and activist Rebecca Solnit’s many ground-breaking books include Recollections of My Non-ExistenceWanderlust and Men Explain Things to Me. Now, she turns her gaze on the life and legacy of George Orwell: novelist, essayist and critic, Spanish Civil War soldier, fierce critic of Stalin – and gardener. Live from the US, Rebecca joins Morgan Godfery to share a drink and unfold the relationship between Orwell’s writing and rose growing, between the soil beneath our fingernails and climate politics, flowers and factory farming, resistance and love. She will also talk about her new collaborative climate initiative, Not Too Late, which aims to provide useful perspectives and information to those who care about climate – and move them from despair to possibilities.



The Faraway Near bar

The Faraway Near is our beautiful, intimate venue for international digital events. Grab a seat, with the night’s overseas guest seated at your table via a life-sized screen, sharing drinks and conversation. These sessions are more dinner party than hushed theatre, and were the hit of 2021’s festival.

Our guests are broadcast from their own homes around the world, and appear in informal conversation with a skilled interviewer who’s sitting with you in the bar. The bar will be open throughout, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions of your guest as well.

Choose to sit at the dining tables with our writers in the most intimate A reserve spots, or join others in the lounge to tune in from the big B reserve screen.

A Reserve: our most intimate seats, at a dining table with a small group, and your writer life-sized on screen.

B Reserve: in the lounge with a larger group, tuning into your writer on a bigger screen.

Friday, 2 September
TSB Space, Tūranga, 60 Cathedral Square 10:00 am - 11:00 am A Reserve $42/$37
B Reserve $33/$28
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